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be able to reinstall Driver Magician 3.68 after I rebuild my PC after a crash to be able to restore my drivers. Of course I can't because you can only install it during the Giveaway 24hr period.

Eric , 26.07.2012, 13:55
Idea status: under consideration


Susie, 26.07.2012, 14:49
To remedy that issue, try storing a copy (on a flash USB drive device) of the Driver Magician that is installed and registered copy within your "Program Files". To test if this will work, go to another computer and paste a copy within that computer's "Program File" (copy of Driver Magician). Within that Driver Magician folder, click to make a shortcut copy (right click mouse, pull-down options) of "Driver Magician.exe". Cut and paste the SHORTCUT version just made of the EXE program to Driver Magician unto your desktop, so you can easily find it to open, run and use.

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